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The Lost Files: Nightmare The Autocon Part 5
    Optimus looks at Ultra Magnus with a rather shocked expression. "reformat her into an Autobot?" the Autobot leader questions in a rather confused and shocked tone. The Elite Guard, unfazed by the question, answers simply, "in other words, her current state and demeanor would only cause more flashback occurrences......Nightmare is traumatized to the point of no recovery. Anything related to degrading her or even threatening her will send her off on another rampage, but it is her choice not mine. It is either that or death". Optimus processes his answer for a moment. Changing her name, her whole appearance. Would that really change Nightmare for the better? The leader returns his focus to Magnus, who was patiently waiting for a reply. "Sir Magnus, if it is truly what you think is best, I will allow you to go forth on that choice given to Nightmare if she is willing to take it" the Autobot leader responds with a hint of doubt that it would work. For a reason u
:icontf-nightmare:TF-Nightmare 3 7
SXBBB by knockoutandsonic SXBBB :iconknockoutandsonic:knockoutandsonic 7 18 Violet Lasting by vivus1999 Violet Lasting :iconvivus1999:vivus1999 4 3
Jacob x Reader part 5
Author's Note: ~~In case you read the other parts before, I have changed all "Paul"s into "Sam"s because I realized I made a mistake in having a friend proofread them.
“Hi Carlisle,” you responded, shrinkingly slightly away from the stare of Jacob and Sam and you could tell they were extremely confused.
“Um, and how do you two know each other?” Sam asked first, not really directing it to you or to Carlisle.
“I met _(f/n)_ a while ago when I was with the Volturi. Who, at one point, wished to destroy all the Nymiadires because they believed they were too powerful,” Carlisle answered, giving you a small smile. By this, Jacob had gotten slightly closer to you since he didn’t like that you knew him. Was he getting jealous?
“I see, well she might be having another problem now,” Sam stated, eyes flicking to you and back.
“A problem? What is it?” Carlisle questioned, looking over at you from Sam.
“Werewolves,” Jacob
:iconmiskuki:Miskuki 164 21
Hotstar bio (updated)

Name: Hotstar
Age: 9 (human years)
Alignment: Autocon
Gender: Mech (male)
Species: cybertronian
Hair color: if human (brown)
Eye color: blue in one eye , red in the other.
Supreme strength: capable of lifting nearly 150 tonnes (strength increases as he ages.)
Healing factor- heal most wounds , but can die if severe.
Teleportation and super speed- can run more than 95 mph and teleport as far as the distance from new york to london.
Heightened senses. - similar to spiderman , only better. Also he can speak to the titans and sense them.
Weapon(s): none , but he prefers his fists.
Birth town: sentosa , singapore.
Previous towns: Tokyo , japan
Current town: Kaon , cybertron
Birth allegiance: autocon
Previous allegiances: drift's dojo class 
Current allegiance: Training seeker unit.
History:  Hotstar was born in a autocon rehab center at sentosa, singapore to his parents Starscream and windblade.  He was raise
:iconbravejet:Bravejet 8 135
Letting Go by RebArc Letting Go :iconrebarc:RebArc 115 22
Pokemon Fusions Requests [OPENED 0/10]
Yup, I'm doing this
I will be fusing two Pokemon from any of the generations that anyone will choose
Nothing more than two Pokemon, unless it makes a pretty good fusion
I will also need a picture of the two Pokemon so I can draw them with references
Here's how to request it:
Anonymous: May you please draw a fusion of Sylveon and Haunter?
That's how you do it
Alright, now there will be a couple of slots opened
These slots will only be obtained by 10 people
:iconcarritrap:Carritrap 4 48
Bumblebee/ here comes a thought (yarasworld's art) by knockoutandsonic Bumblebee/ here comes a thought (yarasworld's art) :iconknockoutandsonic:knockoutandsonic 18 24 Villains by Amphany Villains :iconamphany:Amphany 205 26 Transformers:Dino by SherryCai Transformers:Dino :iconsherrycai:SherryCai 89 16 ((Collab)) Sunstreaker And Sideswipe by xBlue-Spiritx ((Collab)) Sunstreaker And Sideswipe :iconxblue-spiritx:xBlue-Spiritx 53 20 Transformers:Arcee by SherryCai Transformers:Arcee :iconsherrycai:SherryCai 64 20 Transformers: Ironhide by SherryCai Transformers: Ironhide :iconsherrycai:SherryCai 74 18 Arcee (G1) Avatar by Barricade24 Arcee (G1) Avatar :iconbarricade24:Barricade24 5 0 .:AT:. Onix by Micelux .:AT:. Onix :iconmicelux:Micelux 35 47 Lady bots by processormalfunction Lady bots :iconprocessormalfunction:processormalfunction 257 27



Don't worry y'all lady blue is still alive! I just had more and more docs visits and am very busy with trying to heal and get to my other responsibilities
Please transfer any note reply to down here in the comments! For some reason my notes are malfunctioning and it's really messing up my phone. Thank you!
Please advertise this page to anyone who roleplays in the transformers series! It would be appreciated! Thank you!
Hello everyone! Now I have a special announcement. This is a very special oc I have made! I have created Ironhide and Chromias first daughter , and I hope to use her often.

Well let's get to it then!

Name: Elora

Age (Cybertronian years): 3

Alternate Form: has non at the moment. She is to young to transform! But she will be a nightrod once she's older

Gender: femme

Appearance: Has a small purple body and silver  , her skin is made of iron and her she has her mothers blue optics

Faction: Autobot

Function: Unknown

Weapons: when she's older!

Quote: " Sometimes I listen to my spark more than I do my head..."

Bio: she is the innocent and sweet child of ironhide and chromia. Unfortunately she never got to meet her father due to sentinel prime killing him, (* and the other hundreds of time comic writers that killed ironhide in different ways) and sometimes she would have visions of what he was like. She knows deep in her spark that he will be ok and that primus and metroplex are taking care of him and all the other cybertronian that died. When she reaches her teenage years, she eventually is kidnap led by decepticons, and tourchered! They turned her unfortunately into a Bio mechanism of a bat , kind of like how Elita one was turned into blackarachnia.
She hopes to find a way to reverse it, rebaking her true and beautiful self.

Strengths: She is honest, aware , and very witty with her words.

Weakness: she is very vengeful, headstrong , and to quick to do things.


Chromia~ mother
Ironhide~ Father
Aunt( in her eyes)~ Nightmare
Aunt(in her eyes)~ Windblade
Uncle ( in her eyes) ~Starscream
Uncle(in her eyes) Ratchet ( I see lots of ironhide and ratchet friendship art and all that so that would make them good friend I guess? So I counted him as a sort of uncle to her ^^

Friends: she doesn't hate anybody really , I mean yeah she's angry that she was turned into a monster in people's eyes, but she could never hate

I credit this temple to :iconallonusthetormented:
Just been doing doctors visits and all. Thank you to everyone who's been patient :)
Please transfer any note reply to down here in the comments! For some reason my notes are malfunctioning and it's really messing up my phone. Thank you!


Chromia101's Profile Picture
United States
Chromia is a soldier under the command of Elita One and seems to function as a second-in-command for her, leading the rest of the team when Elita's not around. She's brave, hard as nails and, not surprisingly, in a relationship with Ironhide. She has also taken over from Firestar as Flareup's mentor when the latter turned out to be better suited to more offense-oriented tasks.

But in The windblade comics , she is a transformer from the planet Caminus who was sent with city -speaker windblade to be her gaurdian. Windblade and Ironhide are two of her most trustworthy friends.


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